Paper Items Accepted
for Recycling

  • Books - hardback and paperback
  • Junk mail
  • Magazines & catalogs
  • Newspapers ** & slick inserts
  • Office paper, construction paper (Shredded paper is accepted; please empty from bag.)
  • Paper cartons for eggs & berries/fruit
  • Pasteboard without plastic or wax coating (such as candy boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.; flatten all pasteboard boxes)
  • Pasteboard inserts from kitchen papers, paper towel & toilet paper rolls
  • Telephone books – remove plastic wrap
  • Wrapping & kraft (brown) papers

Some items NOT recyclable are: original blueprints, plastic-coated paper, wax-coated paper, aluminum foil-lined paper, thermal-coated fax/calculator paper.

Please Note: No need to separate paper. Paper items must be dry and clean, not contaminated by animal, human or food waste.

No trash! No trash, corrugated cardboard boxes or plastic bags, please! Paper may be placed in a paper grocery bag or loose in our paper-recycling bins.

Please shut door after each deposit!
For more information, contact our recycling coordinator at (417) 575-5933.

** Newspaper is the main ingredient in Yesterday's News® brand Cat Litters & secondnature® brand dog litter made in the Ozarks!

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